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Success Story: Keith Jarrett and the “Unplayable” Piano

                         September 28, 2017         “1400 paying customers, one piano, no score. This is not the calculus for a successful concert.” “For One Night Only” BBC Radio 4 29 December 2011  On the afternoon of January 24, 1975, Keith Jarrett and […]

Success Story: “Into the Belly of the Beast.”

  April 24, 2017   Maura Sullivan was restless.  After graduate degrees at Stanford and Emory University focusing upon predictive modeling of casualties and earthquakes, she spent eight years in Silicon Valley  building predictive models “of things that could basically kill lots of people or cause people to live a long time…or cause major market […]

Infect Others, Become Infected

  March 31, 2017 “Infect others?” “Become infected?”  Suggestions such as these seem to be not only unusual but possibly dangerous.  Most of the time we resist becoming infected and are usually careful not to infect others.   A recommendation to “infect” others goes against common sense and good hygiene and is contrary to everything […]

I- Message: The Essential Skill

February 28, 2017   “What the world needs now is love, sweet love,” sang Dione Warwick in the 1960′s.  Published in 1965 with lyrics by Hal David and music by Burt Bacharach, “What the World Needs Now is Love” was a blockbuster of a hit, recored by at least 100 of the best known singers […]

Four Fierce Conversations

  February 22, 2017   Rosabeth Kanter is arguably  the most respected and revered organizational theorist and consultant in the United States and perhaps in the world. She begins her most recent book,  Confidence: How Winning and Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End,  published in 2014, with the observation that it often seems as […]