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“We begin with the assumption that human beings constantly
strive to improve or bolster their life situation, and that in
so doing they are constantly engaged in problem-solving

Passion, Action and Politics

Irving Tallman



“Human beings are primarily concerned with
solving their problems; they perceive reality,
they learn from their environment, and
theychoose and act according to their
problem situation.  There is no perception
per se,but always perception in relationship
to a problem.  And there is no learning per se
either, but always learning about ways to solve

Individuals, Institutions and Markets
C. Montzavinos





“The mind does not come to life until it meets
something it cannot comprehend.”

Breakfast at the Victory Cafe
James Carse





“…most…problems in organizations [and elsewhere] are
‘wicked problems,’…but most [problem solving] methods
are suitable for simple, well-structured problems.
The usual approaches do not, therefore, help organizations
[or people] deal with their most important problems.”

Creative Problem Solving
Robert Flood and M. Jackson (1991)

“I was thinking of installing one of those automatic garage
door openers over the weekend.  The directions say
‘make certain the garage door is square and straight
and the garage floor is level.’  Directions always read
like that.  Is everything in your straight, square and level?
If my house was straight, square and level, I would never
have to fix anything.  What we all need are directions that
tell us what to do when everything is crooked, off-center
and all screwed up.”

Andy Rooney
60 Minutes

“We cannot solve the problems we have created
with the same thinking we used in creating them.”

A. Einstein


“Once more he turned to that which could not be fixed.”

Two Versions of the Same Poem
Wallace Stevens


“When the King of Siam disliked a courtier
he gave him a beautiful white elephant.
The miracle beast deserved such ritual
that to care for him properly meant ruin.
Yet to care for him improperly was worse.
It appears the gift could not be refused.”

In Dispraise of Poetry
Jack Gilbert

“The narrow gauge mindset of the past is insufficient for today’s
wicked problems. We can no longer play the music as written.
Instead, we have to invent a whole new scale.”

The Designful Company
Marty Neumeier


“Disruption is rooted in life itself…Life’s essence lies in
accidents and interruptions, in conflict and tension,”

Beyond Disruption
Jean-Marie Dru


“Low to my problem bending,
another problem comes.”

Emily Dickinsen

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